Windshield Wiper Fluid: So Much Better than Water

It is no secret that good visibility is key to safe driving. One simple way to increase your visibility while driving is to make sure your windshield washer fluid is full.

It's important to use windshield washer fluid for the following reasons:

  • Clean Windshield: Windshield washer fluid keeps your windshield clean, this is especially critical when driving conditions include mud, dirt, snow, etc.
  • Lubricant: In addition to keeping your windshield clean, washer fluid acts as a lubricant for the wipers themselves. Without proper lubrication, your wipers have to work harder, and the motors behind them can be damaged with time.

At Prime Volvo Cars we want to make sure all drivers are safe, so take the time to check your windshield washer fluid. You can also visit our service center in Hingham, MA if you have any other vehicle issues.

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