Why Test Drive the New Volvo XC60 This Year?

Stop by Prime Volvo Cars South Shore so that you can not only see the new Volvo XC60, you can take one for a ride and experience this luxury compact SUV.

The way that your new Volvo XC60 is able to reduce accidents on the road is by way the Blind Spot Information system. When any other vehicle is in your blind spot, this is when the side mirror on that side of your vehicle will flash a warning, so you do not leave the safety of your lane until the region is clear for you to make the move safely.

The Lane-Keeping system was designed to be able to identify when the Volvo XC60 starts slowly drifting from the lane and possibly into oncoming traffic or off the highway. Sensors aimed at the road recognize when the vehicle slowly crosses the lane lines, which trigger the vibration of the steering wheel until the position is corrected.

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