Volvo V60 Momentum Trim Overview

One of the most popular midsize sports wagons on the road today is the Volvo V60 with Momentum trim. Its ability to provide sporty features while also including all of the additional cargo space make it incredibly popular among those who may describe themselves as weekend warriors. That is why our team at Prime Volvo Cars South Shore located right here in Rockland, MA is so excited to tell you all about the brand new 2020 model!

The momentum trim includes futuristic looking LED headlights. Not only are these headlights much brighter than traditional lights, but they last much longer too. This means fewer replacement costs over time which saves you money.

Additionally, the momentum trim includes a nine-inch touchscreen which allows you to easily adjust all of the features of the car ranging from the internal temperature to the sound of your favorite tunes. Volvo engineers really have thought of everything for this trim.

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