Smart Parking in the Volvo S90

When you're looking for a new car, how important is convenience? If its high up on your list of priorities, take a look at the new Volvo S90. The popular luxury sedan has the optional Park Assist Pilot feature, which can change your parking game.

The unique parking system is incredibly versatile. It can help you get into both perpendicular and parallel parking spots with ease. Cameras and sensors monitor your surroundings as you're driving through a lot. When you find an open spot, it will measure the space to see if your car fits.

Then, it can do all of the steering work for you. The electronic steering system will kick into gear and guide you in without any problems. All you have to do is control the acceleration pedal and brakes. We here at Prime Volvo Cars South Shore in Rockland, MA are very excited to show you how this innovative feature works.

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