Volvo S60 R-Design: Performance Refined

The Volvo S60 is a breath of fresh air in a midsize sedan market full of options that are overly pretentious or overly aggressive. The S60 provides true driving pleasure with opulence that isn't elitist and performance that isn't over the top. The S60 does what a good sporting car should; it connects you with the road. The Volvo S60 with the R-Design trim distinction adds an extra shot of adrenaline to the mix.

First, the R-Design model reminds you on approach that it is something special. With body color and gloss black trim accents, special designed wheels and sport tires, and precision tuned lowered and stiffened suspension, the Volvo S60 R-Design casts a more menacing profile than the standard S60. Once inside, the gloss black and meshed aluminum finishes are both subtly elegant and sporty. The cockpit layout is comfortable, yet supportive enough for the enhanced performance of the S60 R-Design. At Prime Volvo Cars South Shore, you can get an up-close look at this S60 R-Design.



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