Whether there are storm clouds on the horizon or there's a rain shower that pops up during the day that you don't expect, you might have to drive in Rockland, MA in the rain. Increase the distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you when it's raining as you might not be able to brake as quickly as you would on a dry surface.

Turn your headlights on when you're driving in the rain. Prime Volvo Cars South Shore can check your headlights to ensure that they work properly. Aside from being able to see the road while in your car, you want other drivers to be able to see you in the rain.

If it's raining too hard to see the road, then consider waiting until conditions are a bit safer before driving. Check all of the parts of your car that you might need to use if it's raining, such as your windshield wipers and your tires to ensure that there is enough tread on them.

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